Hillary Metz

Shamanic Energy Healer + Life Coach

I’m Hillary and thank you for visiting my site. I’m a shamanic energy medicine practitioner and life coach based in Sedona, Arizona.

I am devoted to healing, beauty, empowerment, and transformation: for myself and my clients. The world needs us now more than ever.

My life journey and education have revealed the importance and elegance of our distinct bodies - physical, mental, emotional, and energetic - their interconnectedness and their influence on our wellbeing. It's vital to work on all levels. 

The power of the human spirit inspires me greatly. Together we will work with your own innate power and wisdom to heal. Combining my technical skills with my natural ability to create a safe and nurturing space for healing, I support people in diving deep. Enlightening, tough, and tender questions are explored paving the way for greater levels of power, abundance, creativity, health, and vitality. 

Are you ready to fully claim your life? Let's connect.

If you've found your way to this site...welcome! You're likely feeling the flames of transformation burning in your heart. Have you scoured through inspirational books, attended workshops, and sought out therapists and healers only to succumb to the voices that tell you-you're deserving of a good life, but not a glorious life...that you're not enough...or that you're broken? I've been there. And, believe me. You're not broken. You're actually edging toward a significant upgrade that will improve all areas of your life. 

Coaching with me is a collaboration. I don't have all the answers to your questions. You do, though. That's right. You do. Together we will remove mental, emotional, and spiritual obstacles preventing you from hearing and following your own innate wisdom. I'll offer you enlightening...sometimes tough, sometimes tender... questions to explore within a safe and nurturing container. Your answers will reveal action steps to propel you into deeper levels of inspiration, purpose, and empowerment...and align your internal dreams and desires with your external world. 

Transformative Life Coaching took me from spinning my frustrated, disappointed wheels to aligning with my highest purpose, owning my power, unleashing glorious action, and manifesting a rich, meaningful, exciting life. This is our birthright. 

Say 'Yes!' to the journey of a lifetime! Let's talk! Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with me.

Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with me.

Shamanic energy medicine is a comprehensive healing system that considers your whole being- - Body, Mind, Spirit, and Soul. It addresses how energy flows through your chakra system: the seven plexuses that connect with the nervous system, the endocrine system, and major organs.

While traditional Western medicine aims to cure, treat or merely manage symptoms, energy healing unmasks the root cause of your symptoms and clears the source of disharmony and dis-ease on all levels of your being. This work will reveal where and how you have fallen out of balance. This is Medicine for your Soul and, in my experience, the vital piece in truly integrative healing and sustainable positive change.

My shamanic energy medicine sessions incorporate ancient healing techniques and wisdom teachings from South America and revolutionary discoveries from the fields of nutrition, neuroscience and epigenetics. In our sessions, a significant life issue is explored which reveals deeper patterns. Exploring and healing these patterns will allow you to fully step into your richer, more meaningful life.

Individual sessions are 75-90 minutes in length and $222. A package of three 75-90 minute sessions is $580. Sessions are held in my treatment space in Sedona, Arizona or via Zoom or FaceTime.

Please note: Payment via cash, check or PayPal is accepted at the time of service. A minimum of 24-hours notice is required or the full session fee will be charged. Thank you for your understanding.

Energy healing requires your active participation. I work with those who are ready to take full responsibility for their heath and healing. This work complements many other modalities, however, it is not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment. I do not believe in diagnosis.

John Doe

This process is the core of every energy healing session. The compromised chakra and luminous energy field are cleansed and dense energies around physical, mental or emotional imprints are lifted. Only when these heavy energies are cleared are wounds transformed into sources of wisdom, beauty and power.

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John Doe

This process addresses energies that have been projected onto you from another person or are the result of repeated negative self-talk. This process is also used if a spirit is living inside the body or energy field. When these energies are removed greater levels of authenticity and freedom are accessed.

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John Doe

This process clears unhealthy relationship attachments. Cords can form between people as a replacement for personal power or from old toxic patterns. Clearing these dependencies allows both people to reclaim their life force and step into greater capacities of self-expression and self-love.

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John Doe

When we experience trauma a piece of the Soul can split off as the body was no longer a safe place. During this process, your Soul piece is called home and re-integrated, allowing you to reclaim your wholeness and vitality. Soul Retrieval requires a minimum of two previous sessions with me.

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John Doe

During this process, we envision and retrieve your empowered, healed state of being and introduce it to your present reality. Continuing integration work is offered to ensure your retrieval becomes your reality.

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John Doe

This process heals and clears energetic contracts that have been passed down through generations. Wisdom teachings tell us that when a generational imprint is healed, seven generations back and forward are also healed.

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John Doe

A seven-day program designed to detoxify the body and repair the brain as based on Alberto Villoldo’s One Spirit Medicine – The Neuroscience of Enlightenment research and teachings. A clean and healthy body is necessary to fully integrate and hold energy healings.

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"Hillary....thank you! You are beautiful and sweet and sensitive and fun and real and intelligent and creative. I'm so glad I picked you out of thousands of choices for my healing work."

Nancy, Central Florida

"When I met Hillary Metz I was at the lowest point in my life physically and mentally. After spending a short time with her I realized I would be guided and loved through my journey. Hillary is knowledgeable and trained to the fullest in Shamanic healing. Hillary was always there in a supportive and non judgmental manner and a tremendous listener again with no judgement. I never felt like I was alone in my journey. However she would call you on your actions if you decided to not dig deep and help yourself. This is what I most appreciated. One session she helped me clear the pain I had suffered when my niece committed suicide and for that I am eternally grateful. She intuitively knows the concerns of everyone she works with.

Working with Hillary I was both healed and restored to health and reinstated with a strength and peacefulness that remains as I continue in my life journey."

Jan, Long Beach, California

"I was privileged to work with Hillary in the summer of 2017. A turning point during my personal journey was a one on one session with Hillary in which we called on my Ancestors for clarification about a message I’d received earlier in another healing modality. I trusted Hillary intuitively, but also from an objective standpoint from time spent with her and being privileged to witness her continuing self-exploration. She truly walks the walk. Under her guidance, I was able to be open to the messages meant for me, all within a sacred space of safety and trust. Hillary is gifted both in channeling as well as encouraging an energetic environment in which even the most grounded person can be lifted up- a rare gift, indeed. She imparts what she knows without imposing anything, allowing you to discover what you may not have been able to see yourself. She is a lens of grace and self-awareness. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had time on my path hand in hand with her."

Kristi, Portland, Oregon

"When I came to see Hillary, I couldn't see beyond my rage. I was afraid to seek help because I was afraid of my own anger. Hillary is strong and compassionate and curious. She provided me a safe place to release my rage and only then was I able to explore the deeper issues and work through decades of limiting beliefs that had been driving my dysfunctional decisions and behaviors in my adult life.

Within three sessions, I found myself on a calmer and more optimistic ground. Hillary provided me with practical tools to help me cultivate greater levels of love and forgiveness for myself. She helped me see the bigger picture. I continue to work with her because the gifts of healing and insight just keep revealing themselves."

Micheal, Los Angeles, California

"Since my shamanic healing session with Hillary, I have begun to step beyond painful disempowering beliefs that were keeping me afraid and stuck. With compassion and conviction, she taught me techniques that keep me moving deeper into a life with real meaning and purpose, a life with joy and laughter. I am grateful for her guidance on my journey and highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking a life that reflects their dreams."

Merry, West Hollywood, California

"I reached out to Hillary because I was intrigued, yet skeptical, of energy work. Everything in my life was going well, personally and professionally. After speaking with Hillary for awhile something in me sparked and I began to acknowledge this tug for "something more". A tug I had been ignoring for decades. This felt like a long-awaited homecoming. The energy work was subtle, yet powerful, and I left her healing space feeling both relaxed and with a great excitement for new opportunities in my life. Thank you, Hillary! I look forward to continuing my work!"

Ryan, Phoenix, Arizona

"My time spent working with Hilary was a game changer. I met her at a time of great crises in my life and I was a shadow of my former self. I was completely defeated. I had serious anxiety and depression and didn’t know if I could keep going.

She helped me connect to source...a relationship that had fallen by the wayside in my wasted life. She held my hand through all the different healing modalities that The Sanctuary taught us. From proper nutrition, learning that my life was a secret ceremony With a lot of humor, she helped me embrace rewiring my brain, listening to my heart and following my dreams. The day we said goodbye, I gave her a necklace that I handmade for her as a symbol of my gratitude and am honored to think of her wearing it as she helps others. She was paramount in my healing. "

Kirsten, Boulder, Colorado

It takes a special type of human to be able to reach me, and she was able to do just that. She met me where I was at and helped me leave guilt and shame in the past. She was one of the first people I’ve met along my journey who I didn’t feel judged or belittled by and that was everything for me. She’s a Spirit Rocker through and through! From cord cutting to putting me in touch with a lost loved one who I never got to say goodbye to, working with Hilary felt safe, comfortable and effective."

Ish A, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"I am so grateful for the work I have been able to do with Hillary. She holds amazing space and is a compassionate and empathetic listener. On the days I am unsure what I need, she is able to help me find the tools and language I lack so that I can shift my energy and keep moving forward. She helps keep me accountable to the goals I have set for myself, always bringing a loving and fun energy to work that can be really challenging. She is a talented healer that has much to offer, and I highly recommend her!"

Kristin, Long Island, New York